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Theta Healing

Bring your brain in a deep theta state, renew the link with the Creator & learn how to ease mental, physical and emotional shifts. Let's explore the aspects of your life that can benefit from more loving acceptance. Ready to dive into your belief systems and optimise them?

Are you ready to live your best life and dissolve the limitations that exist in your belief system?

If your answer is yes, without doubt, ThetaHealing may be advantageous for you; you may also get help in ways you never thought of. What is great about this technique is that it gives you the power to make your life the way you want it to be.

Explore Theta Healing

  • My promise to you:
    There are entire industries created to convince people that they need to be fixed and that they are successful only when they tick certain boxes of conditions. I used to be one of those people endlessly seeking and maybe you have also walked in my shoes. To set the record straight, this is not the place for that! I am not here to teach you anything, just a friend to awaken dormant knowledge within. I am here to guide you towards unlearning and remembrance of Truths you intuitively already know. I am here to speak to something deeper, beyond, that is listening and can Truly hear. ​ That can confirm its recognition, intuition and truth through the body vehicle. I am here to guide you to natural ecstatic surrender into what Truly is. Intuition is not a knowledge that can be taught. Hence why I cant teach anything that you don't intuitively know. ​ I promise to guide you to meet your own wisdom that is already within. It is time we stop over taxing the mind by praising it as the master. The mind is the central processing unit but we have given it the job of god. Overloading it with programs, conditions, information and questions to seek answers. What else did we expect other than warning signs like depression, anger, anxiety being fired? ​ ​ Experience your Truth The coaching I offer is not a product, service, technique, tool or second hand promise of happiness or awakening. Instead I promise to offer an experience of Truth and full integration of that into your life in practical ways. Without labels or stories attached. I offer the naked truth, that so many people prefer dressed in lies and sweet stories. But it Really is the Truth that sets you Free. ​ If you are anything like me, it doesn't matter what advice you hear from someone else, you want to experience it for yourself. It is only once experienced that we can embody the wisdom. Thus this is a self realization experience you can verify for yourself, not a coaching therapy.
  • Who can benefit from an Integration Coach?
    Have you experienced an altered state of consciousness or are planning to through a psychedelic journey? If you are yearning to optimize your psychedelic venture through a devotional way of life instead of conforming to a mechanical practice, this is for you. It is super beneficial to have support in every phase (preparation, ceremony and integration afterwards). Most ceremonial spaces offer a general guideline document for preparation, present ceremony and then general tips for integration, but without the follow up time and support afterwards. This is also important to understand that the rate of integration is uniquely different for all. There is not really personalized approaches unless you take a private session and still you will often get the generalized version. In these situations, it is your responsibility to honestly know and discover your needs. Thus if you fall outside the norm, get someone that can support your process fully on a personal level. (Tip, you might have to try a lot of things that does not work before you discover what does resonate, I can help with this process). The protocols and content provided here has this in mind all the time, yet we do acknowledge that it will still fall short. We are always open for feedback and shared ideas. Please also know that any one of these practices has the ability for a true awakening, if practiced diligently and genuinely. We understand that everyone is unique and therefore always explore deep and direct ways to guide them in intuitive ways. ​ From ancient hidden knowledge (yes we like to discover and share secret wisdom), to latest light and sound technology and every fusion in between we offer a variety of angles for each individual. Can’t sit still with closed eyes and meditate, no problem, that is not the only way one can meditate. Try a walking meditation, or watching a fractal video while doing breath work or playing an instrument. There are endless possibilities, you just got to discover what works for you. Would you like guidance in optimizing your microdose experience via a unique protocol that matches your needs? The personal verification as a microdoser and experience gained through coaching others through their microdose journeys has lead to a surprising realization… A protocol can include any and everything, but if it does not include surrender, acceptance and willingness, it adds no value apart from renovating the prison cell. So instead of offering protocols filled with second hand promises we can not keep and that ultimately leads to disappointment, we offer you the bitter pill - truth. Sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear but it is more loving than what the minds wants to be true. Do you also have a deep longing to find purpose and deeper meaning to your experience and existence? Having several epiphanies yet the same patterns show up? Instead of seeking for what we do not have we rediscover what we never lost (maybe just forgot). People with trauma get overshadowed with survival mode. It is so easy to get stuck in fear-based protective mechanisms and that creates a certain loop, that after some time you feel stuck in it (eg trying to please people at your own account). Sometimes unknowingly and other times it is known without the knowledge how to break free of those chains. Do you sometimes get stuck feeling scared, tired and hopeless? Have you tried to get help but nothing worked? I am here to support and hold a safe space for you, while holding up a mirror.
  • How do I know if this is for me?
    Divine order exists, whether you believe in it or not. There is a reason you came across this and feel drawn to it. I could also give a logical answer here that this is a great find for those who have exhausted options, for those that have been in therapy for years with little result and even for those who have never needed therapy. This is not therapy, it is an unbecoming and birthing of new perspective. I don't offer tools, systems or make second hand promises of happiness. I promise to offer new perceptions of your story and to rekindle a Truthful relationship with life.
  • What can an integration coach help with?
    Normally, a microdose coach would help you find your sweet spot dose and also harness the medicines power to invite new habits, mindsets and beliefs into your life based on a known goal (which is so needed and deeply appreciated). ​ What makes our integration awareness coaching so unique is we approach from a different perspective (because there are many ways to peel a potato). Through the content and the group or 1-on-1 sessions, we awaken discernment for truth and once that is realized deeply, the patterns, habits and function resets back to ones innate state, resulting in the end of suffering at the root. The limiting , harmful or protective ways fall away naturally, allowing you to live your sovereign potential in human form. The art of being - you. Integration Coaching can include any and everything, but if it does not include surrender, acceptance and willingness, it adds no value apart from renovating the prison cell. So instead of offering protocols filled with second hand promises we can not keep and that ultimately leads to disappointment, we offer you the bitter pill - the truth. Sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear but it is more loving than what the minds wants to be true. So these protocols allow : Breaking the addiction to always being busy (the best way to speed up is to slow down). Reminders of how easy and natural it is to surrender and trust. Mindful noticing without any preference. Self mastery to blossom.
  • How does Integration Awareness Coaching work? What can you experience?
    The synergistic relationship with your coach is a dynamic friendship built on trust and respect. Only life knows what to say to itself to help. So the roles and content of the calls will be unique to what the moment needs instead of planned and followed through with rigidity. This does not mean there is no structure though. You can see your coach as the river banks. Offering direction to the flow but doesn’t try to contain the water into a lake. The intention is to simply guide the water back to source in the most direct and effortless path. Your coach is here to serve your needs, not necessarily your wants. If your needs and wants align, then great. If your wants will hinder your progress and your needs are not yet in your awareness, your coach will hold space with compassion, no judgment and so much love. Please note that the coaching we offer does not include choosing the correct dose etc. we assume you have already figured that out, but if this is something that needs adjustments, please feel free to ask your coach about that. It is important to honor your rhythms and cycles and not lock them into a rigid regimen without any room for adjustments. This might not be kind to yourself and can lead to disharmony. What can you experience in coaching? In the journey to self realization coaching sessions, you can expect teachings and practices from all limbs of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, devotion, action merged into a life forms), unified physics, science, geometry, sound and light. Easy and practical tips how to integrate this into your every day life. Turning knowledge into wisdom through experience and practical application to your perception. From a place of intuitive presence I use: Breathwork Human Design Advaita vedanta (Singularity/non-duality) Crystal Healing Integration Unified Physics Yoga in all forms Open Awareness Always holding space for you to birth a new perspective that is aligned with your highest self realization and ultimate freedom. Yes, I include modalities such as yoga and breathwork in my sessions because I feel they offer the best opportunity for a Truthful experience while honoring the sincerity of the most ancient wisdom (physical body) .
  • How do I work with Trauma & Depression?
    First and foremost, addressing trauma with intellect (satisfying the minds desire to understand). Understanding the relationship with mind and the nature of thoughts. Restoring the order instead of feeding the belief that you are the mind. Addressing the trauma with the breath - Mitigating a lot of the physical manifestation of the trauma through the breath and nervous system (vagus nerve plays a big role). Hacking the autonomic system to give the space to be able to move from a survival mode to thriving, because if you are constantly dealing with trauma you are mostly operating from protection mechanisms and struggling to keep your head above water. There is no energy for anything else other than surviving. You need a window to peak through so the impossible can collapse and restructure back to I’m possible. In trauma there is constant anxiety, depression, illness and restriction to deal with. Creating a window to give yourself a break is crucial. If you feel like shit you are not going to want to do yoga or meditate, even if you know it is good for you. Even if you know it is what you should do. Truth is...That is not a priority in survival mode. So through the breath and understanding the mind and the perception it creates, you create a window for hierarchy to be perceived and it allows for the detachment process to unfold in a safe way.
  • Why do we take an approach of reconditioning instead of teaching?
    We believe the truth already is all that is needed, and no one needs to learn the truth, they just have to eradicate the non-truth covering up the truth. It is like the sun. Even on a cloudy day, you know the sun exists even if you can’t see it. Just so with truth too. Once the clouds part, it reveals itself. You don’t have to do anything for it to reveal itself. It is self revealing, always shining.
  • How does this help you to achieve your goals then?
    It removes all the obstacles standing in the way of your goals. It also takes you out of the river of becoming and rests you down on the banks of being. We try to awaken the concept to rediscover what you have never lost instead of feeling the need to search for that which you do not have. Most often goals change when this is realized and it is crucial for thriving. You simply don’t always know how successful you will be or what life has in store for you. If we cling to mind made goals, we sometimes set ourselves up to miss the beauty life has to offer, waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
  • How to use the protocols, content and memberships?
    There are a few intro videos that will give you an overview and also important information to continue with the rest of the content under courses and protocols. A little more on the courses and protocols - They were designed based on 1st intuition, research and personal experience in practice and life lessons. What do we mean by this? Research shows that the major reasons for people microdosing is to help with depression/anxiety, mental health, social interaction, creativity boost, stress, grief, trauma, consciousness expand. So in an attempt to translate the general into the personal, it is important to notice how all struggles are shared and universal, just like emotions. Perspective is the key to unlock truth. So that is where we focus and offer broad and truthful insight for you to verify for yourself. ​ Don’t believe everything we say, we strongly encourage you to doubt it all, but please do have the willingness to genuinely consider what is shared. ​ This is about realizing truth for yourself. Verifying for yourself what resonates to universal consciousness, beyond intellectual understanding. Sometimes cognitive dissonance will put up a fight, as well as ego and mind, trying to preserve themselves and their pseudo righteousness. That is where discernment comes in and assists. Trust in your intrinsic ability to know without reason. Please know that I am not here to convince you of anything, I trust you to use your own discretion in what is best for you. This goes for choosing to microdose and in the process of integration. These medicines are still illegal in a lot of places so please know we are no adviser to break the law in any way. We simply offer the support through the journey of integrating altered states of consciousness.
  • Can you describe what you do in 3 words?
    Identity to Essence
  • Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?
    Short answer, YES. If you are unsatisfied with your integration experience, reach out to us to see if your purchase is eligible for a refund.
  • How do I schedule my appointment?
    Upon purchasing integration awareness, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.
  • I started with the discovery option but want to go deeper, can I upgrade to the monthly or deeper options?
    Yes most definitely. You can upgrade your option when ever you feel the call to do so, and when you choose the option you will pay the discounted price where the amount you already invested in yourself is subtracted from the sum total.
  • Can I purchase integration coaching more than once?
    Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of integration coaching more than once, simply purchase another couching experience that suits your needs.
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