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Decorative Mandala

Yoga with me

Mindfully breathe and bend while your energy aligns and mend. With this sacred practice we will use different postures to welcome deeper awareness into the body in a flowing way. The one posture will gracefully flow into the next. Using the flow of energy and breath it is effortless for the natural state of being to return.

Client Photo Magdalena

"Carla has an enormous amount of knowledge and is very generous to share this! Love to take her classes!"


Client Photo Laura

"Carla gave the class with such great beautiful intention / inspiration. Loved it!"


Client Photo Lisa

"Special class! Only been twice and interested to pursue and see what the effects be : ] very good guidance, safe!"


Client Photo Maayan

"I really enjoyed this slow flow aroma therapy class. It was very relaxing and grounding. I had Carla as my teacher and she was amazing"


Client Photo Felicia

"This class is amazing! Carla explains everything very clearly which is really reassuring."


Client Photo Nicola

"This was unlike any other breath work or yoga nidra that I have done before. Carla is an amazing teacher and I look forward to going again!"


" Carla is amazing! Real yoga and the absolute best breath work with great beats?? Will definitely be back! "
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