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Client Photo Magdalena

"Carla has an enormous amount of knowledge and is very generous to share this! Love to take her classes!"


Client Photo Lonneke

"Super nice class to really feel the power of your breath. Also good to go through fears of any kind."


Client Photo Lisa

"Special class! Only been twice and interested to pursue and see what the effects be : ] very good guidance, safe!"


Client Photo Maayan

"I really enjoyed this slow flow aroma therapy class. It was very relaxing and grounding. I had Carla as my teacher and she was amazing"


Client Photo Margaret

"SOMA breathing session: Amazing unique experience!! The teacher gave great guidance, so it felt safe and relaxing."


Client Photo Nicola

"This was unlike any other breath work or yoga nidra that I have done before. Carla is an amazing teacher and I look forward to going again!"


"I found the practice so powerful and calming."

I have to admit after listening to the first practice the day it was launched I thoughts that it wasn’t going to be ‘for me’, However, on Monday following my asana practice I put my headphones in and… WOW!!!! I found the practice so powerful and calming. Very different to any breath work/ meditation practice I’ve done before (and I’ve done a lot). A real lesson in open mindedness, assumptions and judgements! I’m now really looking forward to the practice each day and loving the experience. Thank you Hannah and Carla.

"I was so relaxed after the breath session like I was floating in a river! I let go of thoughts & was able to reset & refresh."


"I had a couple tears roll down my cheek during this class. Thank you Carla and Hannah for this opportunity to practice in this amazing breathwork and sound healing course. "

Kirsty Louise

"Carla’s voice brings me to a world of peace for a few minutes. I really enjoyed every second of this meditation. Can’t wait for the next one."


"Carla, I have so enjoyed this breathwork challenge - it is a wonderful way to start the morning and I have no doubt that I will continue using this practice. Thank you so much!"


"That was lovely. I have just started working on my breath work to help with stress and really happy this has come along. Slowly getting into meditation which is something I didn’t think I would do. "


"I’ve never done anything like this before, and I feel so privileged to be part of this breathing series."


" I had the privilege of having a private lesson with Carla today. She is so talented! My goal was to be able to unwind and turn off my thoughts. She made that possible and challenged me on top of that. Great energy, go to her class! "
Client Photo Laura

"Carla gave the class with such great beautiful intention / inspiration. Loved it!"


Client Photo Felicia

"This class is amazing! Carla explains everything very clearly which is really reassuring."


Client Photo Esmee

"A real Nice yoga class with a good and motivating teacher, I am definitely coming back!"


Client Photo Lisa

"Really enjoy this class... The more I join, the more comfortable I get with breathing. Great teacher who knows what she is talking about."


Client Photo Elena

"Really nice and relaxing class. Prepare to be amazed what breathing can do."


Client Photo Adéle

"Unique class, new feelings to experience."


" Carla is amazing! Real yoga and the absolute best breath work with great beats?? Will definitely be back! "
Client Photo June

"This class was a great experience and the teacher was wonderful. Not like any other."


Client Photo Sarah

"Fantastic lesson, very inspiring and releasing."


Client Photo

"Wow! I was in another universe :] my whole body was tingling and it felt like I was high. Very nice teacher with a lovely voice."


Client Photo Nathalie

"Love the class and
the teacher!"


Client Photo Elena

"Carla is great, very nice to listen to and good to follow!"


Client Photo Martin

"So good! I feel renewed and happy after this class."


Professional and passionate.
Carla showed us so many breathing and coping techniques that I can take home and do. She is super passionate about her work and it shows in her empathy and knowledge. She was a great addition to the retreat.

"Transformative - The retreat was very well-organized and structured. All the practices built on one another, resulting in a transformative wholistic experience. It's obvious that a lot of thought, attention, and care went into the planning and execution of the experience.

Tapovan pushed us to do our inner work, which was not always easy. I felt safe and supported throughout. Mano had an ancient, rooted wisdom that carried the ceremony and Juan took us places with the beauty of his spirit coming through his music. Carla's unique integrated approach of psychology and spirituality helped us ground and glean insights from our experiences The food was also fantastic and prepared with care. I felt more energy and did not feel deprived with this clean diet."

Anonymous - 17 May 2023

"Amazing experience from start to finish - highly recommend!

The retreat from start to finish was an absolutely wonderful experience and very well thought out, planned and not to mention, the meals were delicious.


This was my first experience with Ayuhuasca and I could not be happier I chose this centre! Tapovan, Carla and Mano are amazing guides whom each bring a wealth of knowledge, insights and most importantly, empathy - there is nothing more you could need! I went home feeling calm and at peace with myself and gained new tools and techniques to integrate into my daily life."

Anonymous - 14 May 2023

"Wonderful and Challenging Experience. Highly recommend this retreat. Tapovan, Manu, and Carla care deeply about what they teach and that is very evident. Great value for the money. Communication was excellent. The itinerary was very well thought out.

The vegan diet and long hours of sitting on the ground meditating and doing yoga are challenging, but one of the important aspects of this type of retreat is getting out of your comfort zone a little bit. Again, highly recommend this retreat. I would recommend bringing earplugs to sleep. The dogs and roosters party all night :)"

Jeremiah - 2 February 2023

"Amazing and powerful! Tapovan, Carla, Manu and everyone else involved made this such an incredible experience for me! Everything was setup perfect for a easy and relaxed for my first experience with mama aya.


The ceremony was so powerful and beautiful the music from Manu and Juanito was the perfect sound for my journey into myself. I loved the yoga, breath-work, temazcal, ice bath and just hanging out at the retreat. I met so many nice and fun people. No complaints at all I will be attending again."

Jordan - 7 February 2023

"Awesome Retreat. The retreat provide everything I was seeking from attending and more! Tapovan, Mano and Carla were exceptional human beings sharing their knowledge, spirituality and love, unconditionally! Both the Ayahuasca Ceremonies and the workshops provided me with amazing spiritual reconnections and a deepening relationship with Pachamama, Mother Earth. Mano, Tapovan and others played, sang and chanted amazing music all night long, until dawn, deepening our spiritual connections to Pachamama. The facility itself is community owned and managed, so that our presence was supporting the local community.

It was also custom designed for Ayahuasca Ceremony's which was very helpful. The quality and quantity of the food was fabulous! First rate, delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes!

Accommodations were adequate. This is a retreat center, not a luxury resort. Furnishing are sparce but adequate. particularly liked that the buildings were made from thick adobe bricks which keep the interior cool during the warm days and then they radiated the heat they absorbed during the day back inside to warm the cool nights! All in all, a 5 Star + experience. I highly recommend it!"

Douglas - 19 May 2023

"I couldn't fault anything about the retreat, the accommodation was cosy and clean, the setting was beautiful and the food was all delicious (very healthy but also there was masses of it). However what made it so special were the people. Tapovan, Carla and Mano have created such an incredible healing experience and have put so much thought and care into creating a mind, body and soul-expanding timetable of activities that enable you to go deep into yourself and gain the most from the medicine. Tapo brings so much knowledge about the body and mind, Carla has the perfect mix of a Psycology degree but also looking beyond at the energetics and alternative therapies. Together, and with Mano, they create the perfect safe space to heal and get the most from the medicine and the other workshops we did. I always felt I could talk to them about anything that came up and they gave amazing advice. At first it can be hard to be so vulnerable with a group of strangers but Tapo and Carla create an environment where you feel comfortable and within the first day the group felt like family.

They've been great at following up after the retreat too to see how we're doing and give advice on how to Intergrate back into 'normal' life. Would 100% recommend and I really hope I'll be back in the future."

Anonymous - 19 May 2023

This was a top notch retreat which offers so much more to open and stretch you than just the medicine. Tapovan is a knowledgeable yoga, chi gong, and breathwork teacher as well as a caring facilitator. Carla offers thought-provoking workshops on inner child and shadow work as well as fabulous breath work sessions.

Mano is a very gentle, and wise Shaman. The medicine journey is profound and the music adds so much to the experience. Incredibly talented musicians play medecine music during each ceremony that is pure love coming through healing sound vibration. That was my favorite part.

The food is healthy and light vegetarian fare and lodging is clean and basic. Our group really bonded in the 6 days and felt like family by the end of the week. Highly recommend this retreat. You won't be disappointed!

"What I received from Carla - Merging body and soul, breath work that I use throughout the day, Kundalini yoga, How the universe is designed to flow with energy and how we are the universe, Trust to open myself, Sincere caring.

A person I look forward to speaking with.


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