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"Working with Carla has been an absolute gift. I learned about her work at a time of great transition in my life. With Carla's wisdom, insight, and tools, I was able to accept and integrate the changes in my life seamlessly. That means resistance, doubt, and negative thought patterns didn't have a hold on me or sabotage what was trying to enter into my life. You'll hear a lot of spiritual/wellness gurus and influencers talk about the impact of thoughts on your behavior and life experience without a lot of focus on how to shift. Carla's teaching gives you the tools to truly shift and live the life you're meant to live."

Emily Williams

"I think you are far too kind to me. I am merely remembering and accessing wisdom that yo are guiding me to. I know you say, and I agree that you can't teach me anything. I know knowledge is universal and available for all who look and listen and connect with it. However you are investing your time within this temporal physical existence to help me remember and access that knowledge and wisdom. From that comes natural strength and courage that doesn't actually feel like mine. It feels unified. I think it is fair to say that you are helping to guide me home to my original core self. I believe this is a more in depth description of what healing actually is. You are helping restore me. For that I am very grateful and I very much appreciate you."

Matthew B

"What I received from Carla - Merging body and soul, breath work that I use throughout the day, Kundalini yoga, How the universe is designed to flow with energy and how we are the universe, Trust to open myself, Sincere caring.

A person I look forward to speaking with.

Marc Solomon

"I started working with Carla two months ago and I  could not have met her at the most perfect time. Carla has been an integral part of my discovery and healing journey. She's made me feel safe and compassionately humanized all that I am going through and it has been a life changing experience. I am constantly learning, being challenged, expanding my consciousness while learning about my nervous system with practical tools to help understand and regulate it. 


Professional and passionate.
Carla showed us so many breathing and coping techniques that I can take home and do. She is super passionate about her work and it shows in her empathy and knowledge. She was a great addition to the retreat.
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