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Breathe with me

Our breath is the most ancient clock that exists. Stopping time gives rise to an opportunity to remember your True divine nature that exists beyond time. I offer this breathwork practice for a deeper awareness into Truth - “An attempt to improve the body or the mind, it is simply the desire to make the prison more comfortable. “

Breath work is benevolent in the benefits it offers

From regulating the nervous system, cleansing emotions, processing trauma, boosting immunity and much more.

Come explore the power of your breath

Be with the breath and allow the breath to be in the present.

Multiple breath technique alongside advaita vedanta, open awareness and kriyas will be the vehicle to deliver deeper awareness.


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"I was so relaxed after the breath session like I was floating in a river! I let go of thoughts & was able to reset & refresh."


"I had a couple tears roll down my cheek during this class. Thank you Carla and Hannah for this opportunity to practice in this amazing breathwork and sound healing course. "

Kirsty Louise

"Carla’s voice brings me to a world of peace for a few minutes. I really enjoyed every second of this meditation. Can’t wait for the next one."


"Carla, I have so enjoyed this breathwork challenge - it is a wonderful way to start the morning and I have no doubt that I will continue using this practice. Thank you so much!"


"That was lovely. I have just started working on my breath work to help with stress and really happy this has come along. Slowly getting into meditation which is something I didn’t think I would do. "


"I’ve never done anything like this before, and I feel so privileged to be part of this breathing series."


"I found the practice so powerful and calming."

I have to admit after listening to the first practice the day it was launched I thoughts that it wasn’t going to be ‘for me’, However, on Monday following my asana practice I put my headphones in and… WOW!!!! I found the practice so powerful and calming. Very different to any breath work/ meditation practice I’ve done before (and I’ve done a lot). A real lesson in open mindedness, assumptions and judgements! I’m now really looking forward to the practice each day and loving the experience. Thank you Hannah and Carla.

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