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This is your Project that supports a High-performance living for vitality and longevity on all levels. Living in sync with your cycle. Biohack your life through your cycle from ancient wisdom to the latest technologies backed up by science. Awaken your magnetism. Turn up your glow and let your inner radiance grow. Integrate mindfulness into every aspect of your life.  

Celebrating your cycle can lead to:

  • Alleviated stress/ Anxiety

  • Cleared acne & glowing skin

  • Lose stubborn fat & cellulite

  • Improved mood

  • Sharper mind

  • Improved sleep

  • Thicker & shinier hair

  • More energy

  • Relieving bloatedness

What you'll find here

Information about the program










Program Elixir

Week 1

  • Discover the ancient Ayurvedic power of Your Winter season your cycle (menstrual phase

  • Build a powerful & consistent morning routine that supports your genius.

  • Connect to coherent conscious potential through breathwork

Week 3

  • Discover the ancient

  • Ayurvedic power of Your Summer season of your cycle or Ovulation phase.

  • Learn and apply CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to your life to optimize your Queendom without the shackles of cognitive distortion. Detox tips and implementations, as well as breathwork

Week 2

  • Discover the ancient Ayurvedic power of Your Spring season of your cycle (follicular phase).

  • Learn to move into Mindfulness effortlessly to manifest vour most fulfilling life with the power of breath.

Week 4

  • Discover the ancient

  • Ayurvedic power of Your Autumn season of your cycle or Lutheal phase.

  • Face core beliefs head-on and set serving ones in place for your sovereign potential to Shine!








Is this Program for you?

  • Are you a woman in your 30s - 40s feeling tired, gaining weight, experiencing mood swings, or struggling with skin issues?

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of health information available despite being educated?

  • Have you tried traditional approaches like contraceptives, birth control pills, diets, or pharmaceuticals without lasting results?

  • Are you motivated and ambitious but feel like your symptoms are holding you back personally and professionally?

  • Are you open to alternative methods backed by science and seeking personalized guidance?

  • Do you want someone to cut through the noise, make sense, and be relatable while improving your quality of life?

  • Are you tired of being attached to suffering and ready to explore the unfamiliar to align with your body's innate rhythms?

Meet the Instructor

Carla Aspesberger

The embodiment of spiritual exploration and integration through breathwork, biohacking, yoga and plant medicine stands as a luminary in the realm of holistic well-being. Carla's gift lies not only in her technical prowess but in her ability to inspire, elevate the human spirit and embody sovereign potential. Her sessions are transformative journeys, where breath becomes a bridge to the soul's innermost chambers. She brings forth a potent blend of ancient wisdom, contemporary understanding, and an unwavering commitment to her students' growth. In her presence, one can't help but be moved to explore the boundless potential of their own being, awakening to a world of self-discovery and inner peace. Her wanderlust spirit has introduced her to the myriad fragments of wisdom scattered across the globe. Carla’s passion is to unite You with your own wanderlust Spirit and transform suffering into your own personal power. It is within You and her experience can be a tool to unite you with your innate power again.

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Moody Month

This app is a daily health and wellness tracker, that connects women with solutions to support their cycle.



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Sustained and heightened level of focus, and increased Mental Stamina!The ability to work for longer without taking breaks.

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Nano Genesis Labs

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