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First realise what you Truly are

before deciding if becoming anything else is required

Resonance : Quantum Manifestation Workshop
Resonance : Quantum Manifestation Workshop
Aug 08, 2023, 9:00 PM
Resonance : Quantum manifestation workshop
This is an elevated bio-hacking workshop to awaken your supreme resonance and to embody your sovereign potential in human form. Flip the script on manifestation completely. Instead of looking for what you do not have, rediscover that which you never lost.

Meet Carla

Integration awareness friend.
For the embodiment of Self-Realization

I offer a middle way of de-conditioning which resets the innate baseline of your unique genius. I specialize in depression, trauma and true awakening through integration of altered states of consciousness, by combining breathwork, unified physics, yoga and spirituality in my approach.

What I Offer

Straight from the heart.


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" Carla has an enormous amount of knowledge and is very generous to share this! Love to take her classes! "
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Return to what you think you know is possible. Accepting the consequences of your perceptions and let the programs govern as installed.

Allow truth to awaken Ultimate freedom! Experience a life far beyond what you could have ever imagined! You can be receptive to the free content, explore my courses, integration coaching or join a virtual live event.

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