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Phoenix Rising

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This is a mini-audio-course to awaken discernment to truth which has the power to annihilate suffering, stress and struggle at the root. This is for people under a lot of stress or even someone experiencing a burnout🔥 in their lives. It awakens the discernment between identifying mind vs. identifying "with mind." It might not seem very significant, but the difference is huge. It has the capacity to dissolve the need to solve or try to satisfy any, and especially, the deep desire for continuous happiness and contentment. Be happy regardless of the circumstances. This course offers mindful and practical ways to shift the paradigm on stress and struggle. A heart-opening course that frees you from skull space and invites you to live from heart space instead. As the more we surrender into presence, the more we open ourselves up to the beauty life has to offer. This will invite you from your human doing back into your human being! A 10 day course of short insights followed by meditation prompts and practices.

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