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Ultimate FreedAum : Open secret revealed

  • 5Weeks
  • 41Steps
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This program is the ultimate remembrance guide to Self-Realization. It offers truth through the facilitations of genuine inquiry, breathwork, kriya in direct experience. This is a journey to realising what you truly are and challenge the old ideas you held as true about yourself. It is not a comfortable and easy journey, but it is definitely worth it. What's in it for you? A beautiful and powerful opportunity to cut sufferings gravitational pull off at the roots and awaken to your delight awaiting within. You are not experiencing suffering. You are suffering your experience. Realign back to the innate compassionate coherence of what is, through radical acceptance and remembering what you are is the capacity that has already allowed what ever is arising in this moment. You are not what you think you are, because you can never be a thought. Just like a picture of you can never be the real you.

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