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Discovering your own divine nature.

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The habitual nature of being human is so strong. Even after we know of our true nature, the habits can continue.

It is not enough to simply hear the truth. It requires to be shown the truth instead.

So not only should the non recognition be addressed, but also the further problems of habit that should be adapted.

It is not about hearing the truth. The teaching should be reflected back so you see your true natures pure reflection instead. Habitual patterns needs contemplation to keep habitual patterns in the light in order for them to transmute. Contemplation also helps with any lingering identification with old habits and limiting beliefs.

The more we see our true nature reflected back to us, the more opportunity we give the habits to gradually cease.

Some are seeking their spiritual growth and wholeness of truth outward. They might come across some teachings and practice that a few times ( this can be yoga, meditation, breath work or any other practice or modality)

Once the practice fails to produce results they were seeking. They quickly loose enthusiasm and abandon the practice only to start seeking the next thing that convinces them on second hand promises that that new practice will give you what you are seeking and it even gives you intellectual insight to why the previous practice fell short to do so.

It might appear as if the new knowledge encountered is on a deeper level or includes something that was previously out of awareness. It might appear in the form of a book, person, fb post, intuitive insight.

Seekers can dab in any and even all spiritual practices without getting what they are seeking for.

The spiritual market offers a wide variety of spiritual practices and unique ways to satisfy the big search. But with the lack of offering the correct directing, and depth towards Truth, nothing will be found and exhaustion will surely follow.

Digging deep is a good strategy, but it is crucial to dig in the correct place.

When you are unaware what they true treasure is and lack the true location, the energy output might feel lost. This is why it is so important that we are certain what we seek from a spiritual life and where to discover it. Only then will the energy of the efforts bloom.

It is not only to peruse the efforts but the efforts must be properly directed. So it is not about the practice at all. It is first about a true north.

The true happiness, contentment and peace is concealed in your on heart. It is important to notice that the hidden treasure is not to be found in or even through any practice. The practice can become the mirror for you to see the reflection of your True being. But if the practice is used for the wrong reasons, like to better yourself or to transform or improve, fix, change or improve you. Then it stems from the identification with the persona and ego. And yes the practice may have an influence on these aspects of your being. But never will it be used properly as the mirror to see a reflection of your already whole and true self.

Turning your awareness within and practicing self inquiry through the tools on your table.

Worldly activities can never lead to lasting contentness and peace. They are simply a means to an end.

This is why it's important that a spiritual journey is properly directed towards the True north instead of the side effects along the way.

The reason you start seeking in the first place is the realisation that your perception and belief of the truth now is distorted. This is a blessing. You realise that your perception and belief about what you are or maybe it starts out with the question around who you are. But that very realisation is the opportunity to move through the sheaths of illusion to get a reflection of what you Truly are at your core essence. Because deep down there is a knowing lingering that that Truth is the only way to consistently access the already content and happiness residing within at the true nature of being.

After this truth is revealed and known, then it doesn’t really matter what and how things show up in your story space. If you are a farmer you will go back to working the land without felling deprived , overburdened and resentful in any way. Because the True connection to eternal and True happiness was discovered within and beyond the mind.

It is ok to be a true visionary with badly directed efforts in the beginning.

True treasure is your own divine nature.

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer
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Maxa Píšová
Maxa Píšová
Oct 03, 2022

I just step on the higher level of Duolingo but it seems to me heavy. without doubt there is a lot of truth on it. It´s neccessary to thing about it but it is a high phylosophy. So suddenly such upper thinking. Maybe I penetrate inside after some time.

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