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Jumping through space in expanded states of consciousness

It is not uncommon in expanded states of consciousness to feel like you just traveled to another place or even planet.

I have had numerous breathwork experiences that felt like I "visited" other places on earth and sometimes places so unfamiliar that the only way my mind can make sense of them is to say it was out in space (on another planet or elsewhere in the universe).

Have you ever had an experience so short-lived that the aftertaste in your energy field translates into: "I have no idea where I just went but I was somewhere else, and I have no idea where."

I would love to jump into this experience from a quantum perspective and link that to this series of expanded states of consciousness.

I have also heard so many people say the same after medicine journeys like ketamine, bufo, and mushrooms, to name a few.

Figures 23 and 24 illustrate a fascinating concept: the faster something moves, the more it behaves like space, and the more our perception of time can expand when our subj-time axis tilts towards the horizontal line. Combining these, we find that a tilt in our subjective time axis leads to a more space-like behavior.

This means that in altered states of consciousness, we rapidly expand into space, suggesting that an expansion of consciousness correlates with an expansion in space.

This expansion can occur at speeds both below and above that of light.

This shift results in the observer seemingly surpassing the speed of light, which physical objects cannot do. Rather, it is the observer, a non-physical energy or awareness itself, that achieves this. Despite this expansion, the observer remains connected to the physical body, with the physical senses continuing to relay messages from the environment undistorted. However, crossing the speed-of-light barrier places the observer in a space-like universe, where speed is unlimited, and time transforms into space.

At points of rest, such as those found in a pendulum's swing turns, the observer reaches almost infinite speeds. But these speeds pertain to a non-physical entity—the observer—while the physical body maintains its presence in space.

As discussed in previous blog articles, the physical body oscillates about seven times a second, with the observer expanding at each swing's end for an extremely brief period of objective time before contracting back, often without awareness of the event. This expansion and contraction occur about 14 times a second, with no memory typically retained.

This figure visually represents the oscillation of the body. Every horizontal wave is the blinking in and out of existence. If this is happening 14 times a second, you can only imagine that it is too fast for us to process and include it in our representation of reality.

However, the observer can travel long distances and observe much during these brief moments, akin to a rapid jaunt to a distant beach and back in a second (daydreaming or imagining a tranquil place in a meditation etc).

As our ability to maintain expanded states of consciousness grows, the observer does not fully return to the time-space axis but fluctuates some distance from it, increasing subjective time and facilitating the recollection of information received while out of the body.

This ratio of subjective time to objective time defines a person's level of consciousness, which can range from minor differences in attention to profound alterations seen in hypnotic time dilation, dreaming, daydreaming, and other altered states.

The stretching of subjective time also stretches the observer into time-space, shifting from time-like to space-like dimensions. This shift means that as the observer moves through what it perceives as its space, it is actually traversing others' objective time, potentially into the past or future.

This concept may explain clairvoyance's operation, particularly in describing the past accurately and predicting the future to a limited extent due to the future's probabilistic nature.

One can experiment with this concept by focusing on a favorite activity, engaging all senses in the experience. This act effectively programs the observer to move into the past, as the favorite activity is a past experience, allowing the observer to venture into its subjective time and space, experiencing a different reality.

As a quick summary:

Picture a pendulum, swinging back and forth, reaching points of utter stillness. It's at these pauses that velocities unimaginable are touched—velocities of what? Of the intangible essence, the observer itself. While the body anchors itself in space, the observer's position eludes grasp, expanding rapidly yet retaining its role as an information processor.

As our bodies sway, oscillating sevenfold each second, the observer's essence stretches briefly beyond, then contracts, oblivious to the fleeting journey. This ephemeral expansion occurs around fourteen times a second, a blink of existence where memories seldom linger. Yet, within this fleeting span, the observer traverses vast distances, witnessing the world in a heartbeat.

With heightened consciousness, the observer's essence lingers, dancing further from the temporal axis, embracing subjective time. And as subjective time stretches, so does the observer, traversing the corridors of spacetime, brushing against the threads of past and future. This may elucidate the enigma of clairvoyance, where glimpses of the past shine bright, and visions of the future blur with uncertainty.

The reality, both steadfast and ephemeral, oscillates like a pendulum, each pause a gateway to realms beyond. Amidst the solidity of the physical world, the observer ventures forth, silent and unseen, returning with secrets untold. In these fleeting excursions, lies the mystery of the mind, where the subconscious whispers truths too subtle for conscious awareness.

For the trained observer, skilled in the art of expanded consciousness, time stretches like taffy, imprinting upon the mind glimpses of the ineffable. In states of coherence, where body and spirit align, the dance of existence takes on surreal hues, revealing truths obscured by the veil of ordinary perception.

Let me circle back to medicine journeys or breathwork sessions for a second which create enormous coherence in the body and mind. So not only do you experience time differently but you also expand into space at unimaginable speeds that can put your observers' reference point on the other side of the world, in outer space, the past, or even the future.

So the next time you completely surrender in a breathwork session and wonder if you just jumped to a different place of existence, don't disregard it completely. There might be more truth in that vision than you think...

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