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Intelligent Light Inquiry - Expanded States

It is in the essence of light frequency that we find our composition, an elegant interplay of photons and particles too small to grasp, and yet, they orchestrate the symphony of our very being. At the quantum level, our cellular constituents, these atoms, unveil their luminous secrets as they emit light in the course of their functions.

Inside our neural pathways, within the intricate maze of the brain and the delicate threads of spinal nerves, photons, those ethereal messengers of the cosmos, are discovered to be weaving a silent narrative. As impulses are sent, light is the way they communicate, their dialogue transcending the boundaries of mere synapses.

This luminous narrative extends further, for light flows through the delicate conduits known as microtubules, nestled in the tapestry of connective tissues, often referred to as meridian lines. Here, it takes the role of a silent conductor, activating different regions of the brain at a swifter pace than conventional nerve synapses could ever hope to accomplish.

The veil that masks our own divinity is not a consequence of any deficiency in our inherent nature, a notion frequently postulated by the inner narrator and agreed upon to by our collective belief. Rather, it is the absence of the circuitry that would enable us to perceive our own divine essence. The absence of this neural circuitry decreases our ability to fully embrace the myriad facets of our true nature.

To be the embodiment of our entire and authentic selves, to feel, to know, and to live this truth, the imperative task before us is to construct and then to activate the intricate circuitry within our nervous system, thus illuminating the profound depths of our existence.

The energetic grid connecting us all is ‘the force’, a truth unveiled by the epic narrative of Star Wars. Within this cosmic fabric of life resides a singular consciousness, having metamorphosed into countless entities. Its purpose? To obtain information from various sources, diverse perspectives and gather a large amount of knowledge.

Yet, protected in darkness and obscurity, the brain dwells in ignorance. It lacks the faculties to perceive, hear, touch, taste, or smell. But it is not alone; it calls upon its allies - your senses. The brain asks these companions to venture forth, gathering information in the form of binary code (1s and 0s), enabling the brain to interpret the information of the consciousness shaping the third dimension. It sends out hearing, smell, touch, taste, and sight, which return bearing digital fragments of data. These morsels are then processed and interpreted within the cerebral confines, similar to the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer, projecting a holographic depiction of the external world. This projection guides us through the electromagnetic matrix, constructed from these binary sensory codes of information.

Now, consider this "as above, so below." If the cerebral CPU represents the lower realm, then what transpires in the above? In the realm of divine consciousness, we serve as senses, ceaselessly collecting and transmitting data to the source.

As Nikola Tesla proclaimed, "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." Within the Tablets of Thoth, we uncover wisdom concealed beneath the surface. The pursuit of light, life, and love commences on the material plane, culminating in unity with universal consciousness, unlocked through the enlightenment of the soul.

The universe adheres to natural laws, governing the consequences of our actions. Among these principles are mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender.

When replicated studies yield consistent results, the likelihood of coincidence diminishes.

Delving into the intricate layers of the brain, particularly the neocortex, we encounter the Latin "neo," signifying "new bark." This outer cerebral sheath, composed of six layers, is instrumental in sensory perception, motor command generation, spatial reasoning, conscious thought, and language - the keys to navigating the movie “The Matrix” and the lead character ‘Neo’ might offer a deeper meaning to peer beyond the veil.

Light, a bearer of intelligence, presents itself both as a wave and a particle. It assumes the form of a wave, governed by frequency, until consciousness interacts, causing it to condense into a particle. In the three-dimensional realm, everything exists as a light wave, including your body, comprising a spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies. When observed, these frequencies converge into the tangible form you recognize.

This principle extends universally - unobserved, all return to an undulating realm of pure potential, suspended in waves of light. Consciousness wields the power to collapse electromagnetic frequencies into substantial matter, a phenomenon explained by the double-slit theory.

Here is a YouTube video that explains the double-slit theory:

The act of observation, a conscious act, transmutes waves of light potential into matter/ particle reality. Imagine this process akin to a video game, with each frame manifesting as needed. In our lives, challenges materialize in the same way.

In other words, attention rearranges photons on an energetic level. Intentions become more real or prominent in our reality as the photons and subatomic particles rearrange in accordance with that focused thought. Therefore - where we place our attention determines where we gather and collect energy. Where we place our creative power. When we place more energy in the outer world we depend more on feedback from the outer world and validation for a sense of self. When feeling inward - we can feel ourselves deeper with a sense of safety. The focus that rearranges protons, photons, and electrons is from conscious and subconscious. So we are aware and unaware of others. This feeds into the misunderstood ‘law of attraction’

Humans straddle the boundary between solid matter and ethereal light. Light and electrons exhibit intelligence, this includes every atom that comprises your being with this remarkable trait. When these vast potentials converge, the results are truly awe-inspiring.

While our senses perceive the visible spectrum of light as a rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet - there exists an unfathomable sea of light and information beyond our grasp. This hidden universe surrounds us, waiting to be unveiled, offering a profound connection to the cosmic dance of consciousness.

(I can't help but share a clip of one of my favorite movies that offers insight into the hidden or 'invisible' universe)

We have been set up with a very finite perception of what we call light which is what you see in a rainbow when the light goes through a fractal and is broken off and the different rays detach and these are the range of colors we can actually see. This oscillation ranges from 400 - 790 terahertz.

But everything is light.

Yes, that includes consciousness.

A stream of consciousness, of Divinity. It is not light as we traditionally think of light as something detectable to the optical sense organ, more so what makes up light, but still exists when it's dark. It’s the essence.

Matter is also made of light when it is dark. Dark things are also made of light.

What is dark matter then you may ask? The things we can not see. The space/void/unmanifest that holds light matter. This is the majority of the universe.

Digital information is stored within DNA, a revelation attributed to George Church. Memories find their home in DNA, and it has been discerned that this molecule can harbor digital data, employing luminous codes as the medium for storage. Astonishingly, a web book has been replicated a staggering 80 billion times onto a mere gram of DNA, an amount so minuscule it resembles a droplet on the fingertip. Within this gram of DNA, a colossal 433 petabytes of digital data, consisting of 0s and 1s, finds its sanctuary. Beyond mere storage, this information can traverse a two-way path, flowing from DNA to a server and back, wireless.

Thus, your DNA becomes a conduit for wireless communication with the Source, exchanging information seamlessly.

The Wi-Fi that envelops us also bears light-borne information, carrying the binary language of zeros and ones, relayed through a receiver.

A discovery, documented on, reveals the culmination of an 80-year quest: the transformation of light into tangible matter. The ancient wisdom of Thoth resonates with this achievement, and talks about doing this with your consciousness directly instead of through technology.

Einstein's iconic equation, E=mc², unveils the profound connection between energy, matter, and the constant of light. Alchemy's metaphoric transmutation of sulfur and salt through the intermediary of mercury aligns with this concept. By substituting the constant of light with consciousness, the realm of physics converges with the principles of alchemy.

Physics = Alchemy

The fusion of neural correlates of consciousness, the neocortex, and magnetite crystals gives birth to a technological apparatus, tethered to an avatar's body. This device facilitates the direct upload and download of information from the intricate web of space-time, where all knowledge resides. This process hinges on the match between subatomic or subspace frequencies and the information or data, allowing for its seamless integration into the physical body. The journey from downloading to discerning, regulating, and translating information into action culminates in what we term "manifestation."

Behold the formidable power of the human mind! It transfers intellectual light, intercepted by a receiver, meticulously decoded into the binary language of 1s and 0s within DNA, and then dispatched to muscle fibers with the directive: "Move the arm." In this cosmic dance, every thought ever conceived eternally resides within the vast expanse of space-time. Some hint at this repository as the Akashic records, where memory inscribes itself into the very atoms that compose us.

Remarkably, the human body's capacity for data storage approximates 13.5 billion years, mirroring the age of the universe itself. Within every cell, a mere 0.07 millivolts courses through. When multiplied across a staggering 35 billion cells, this yields a staggering 2.65 trillion volts of electric potential.

The profound revelation persists: light itself possesses consciousness, unveiling the intricate tapestry that binds knowledge, matter, and the limitless potential of the universe.

The entire universe breathing itself in and back out again. All in 1 breath.

If this isn't enough to awaken interest to be mindful of every breath as it is the undivided universe reflected, then I don’t think there is anything that will.

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Oct 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you, Carla - this is profound indeed.... All happens in one breath, wow.... Well explained!

Carla Aspesberger
Carla Aspesberger
Oct 11, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for joining me on this breath-journey through the quantum realm. <3

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