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Matrix of expanded states of consciousness and breathwork

In the depths of the micro reality, concealed beneath the veil of common existence, a vast expanse of vacant space lies, with interacting fields. These fields, in their perpetual dance, engage in intricate choreography with one another, their energies intertwining, merging, and diverging in harmonious unison. An interwoven tapestry of fields, each pulsating to its own rhythm, yet all harmonizing seamlessly with their counterparts.

The communion between the mortal frame and the Earth's embrace is manifest, resonating at 7.5 cycles per second within the ionospheric cavity. Within this intricate web, the body traces its microcosmic orbit, an oscillation that hovers between 6.8 and 7.5 Hz. This delicate harmony hints at a finely tuned resonance system, a symphony of energies exchanging their whispers across vast wavelengths, encircling the planet's perimeter of approximately 40,000 kilometers.

Within this field, our body’s movements transmit their signals through an electrostatic field that envelops us, circumnavigating the globe in a mere fraction of a heartbeat—about 1/7 of a second. Such prolonged waves, traverse all obstacles in their path. They are the quintessential medium for the transmission of telepathic impulses. Have you ever thought about a person and then look at your phone and you get a message or call from them?

As we cease to draw breath, a curious transformation unfolds—a threefold augmentation of micro-motion—as our body falls into a resonant state, its movements attain coherence. The march of metabolism reduces the demand for oxygen to maintain the body's immaculate operation. The breath becomes a gentle whisper, harmoniously synchronized with the resonant rhythm of the aorta, ensuring the sacred resonance remains undisturbed.

This resonance does not discriminate; it extends its gentle embrace across the entire body. Bones and organs sway cohesively to a cadence of seven cycles per second—a natural rhythm, a sacred tempo, a divine choreography.

The heart and the aorta, encouraged by the resonance's efficiency, demand very little energy to propel the body forward. It is similar to the artful swing, pushed at the right moment, where interference subsides, and the body commences its journey in a concert of pure coherence.

Indeed, this resonance state, a realm of serenity and repose, puts forward profound benefits, bringing forth an elevation of consciousness. Or as some would call it - expanded states of consciousness.

As the body attains resonance, this elevation manifests at a unique pace for each individual.

Yet when we come together to conspire (breathe together) or meditate together, magic unfolds. As mentioned in a previous blog article, the more oscillators are resonating the stronger the rhythm entrainment force becomes and the harder it becomes to break this flow.

Thus in the heart of this communion, a nucleus of meditative souls emits a mellifluous 7Hz harmonic resonance, sending ripples through the planet's electrostatic field. This subtle emission, beckons and guides others on their quest to attain the resonant state. With each new participant, the signal gains in intensity, an ever-growing symphony of souls in harmonic unity.

In a world ‘divided’ by the passage of time, resonant souls, distributed across the globe, ensure the eternal resonance's uninterrupted song. Here, in the interplay of energies and frequencies, humanity finds itself in a cosmic dance—a grand and timeless spectacle, concealed within the enchanting folds of the microreality.

I always contemplate when facilitating breathwork sessions whether it is better to offer them 1on1 for deeper authentic alteration and holding that container for the unique pace and entry point that individual has to resonance.

There is truth in that and I love working with people in a 1on1 setting (I would say it is the majority of my breathwork offering).

On the other hand, I can not ignore the power a group has to invite and lock into a resonant state of optimal coherence and higher harmony.

The thing I always try to be aware of though is that for some people to enter into the land of sweet nectar they need to walk through their terrifyingly dark trauma to get there, and it is so important to hold space for that, know how to guide them to safety within themselves and have enough pillars in the container (other facilitators or helpers) so that the roof doesn't cave in while they are in that darkness and then left there because they cant be found in the rubble of the mental concepts and beliefs.

The gravitational force of the group resonance can sometimes pull someone into coherence but I don’t disregard the opposite too. Someone's energetic or emotional release might be at the same frequency as another's pain and that wave sometimes rides another out of resonance and into their shadow. Triggering them and creating an interference pattern. This might keep both both individuals in their pain body which will automatically (without mindfulness) send them into their mind as it feels safer there and they might spend the rest of the session thinking about the session instead of sinking into their felt experience and surrendering back into the resonance. Either one of them goes resonant and the other does not or both follow the wave back to resonance, or not.

Anything is possible.

I love how physics can explain on a deeper level what the mystics already knew and spoke about in a poetic way and what we get to directly experience.

My personal breathwork journeys have been the level of depth I can hold space for when facilitating. That is why I always have my own daily practice to dance with my breath, resonance, expanded consciousness, and wander curiously through the shadow of my soul and the light it shows.

Please allow me to go into the universal law of the principle of vibration.

In the vast expanse of existence, all entities are woven from the intricate tapestry of interacting electromagnetic fields, each resonating at staggering frequencies. At room temperature, an atom's oscillation manifests at a level that defies comprehension—an astonishing ten followed by fifteen zeros.

Delving deeper into the atom's heart, the nucleus spins with even greater fervor, reaching an awe-inspiring 10 to the power of 22 Hz—at speeds so rapid that it eludes the grasp of human cognition. Nature, in its wisdom, has bestowed upon sentient beings sensory faculties, intricate organs designed to interact with, filter, decipher, and process the kaleidoscope of stimuli that pervade their environment. These faculties must adapt to the swift vibrational rhythms inherent in their surroundings.

When an atom vibrates a million billion times per second, it cycles between two distinct states —on and off.

Encoded in the binary metric code—101010—is the essence of existence:

1 represents the manifested, the masculine, logic, the yang, and form, while 0 embodies the unmanifested, the feminine, creativity, the yin, and the formless.

To seek the formless, you must embark upon an inward journey, not as a destination but as an earnest, receptive listener. Form and formlessness are not dichotomous; they are distinct yet inseparable facets of your being. The less you endeavor to populate the zero with ones, the more you shall discern the resonance of your infinite nature. In relinquishing the external quest for fulfillment and validation, you shall apprehend the completeness that resides within.

In contemplating the intricate choreography of existence, you can superimpose swift modulations upon this ethereal ballet. However, the sensory faculties bestowed upon us as sentient beings lag in their ability to interpret this symphony of data in its entirety.

Nature's intelligence prevails; it binds atoms into molecules, endowing them with lower vibratory rates due to their greater mass. From these molecules, the foundation of life is sculpted—the living cells that form the bedrock of organisms. Evolving further, specialized neurons, or nerve cells, bestow the gift of sensory perception, conveying stimuli in a rhythmic Morse code of action and rest, the binary language of 1 and 0. Thus, the daunting vibrational speeds of atoms are transmuted into a more palatable frequency for cellular response—a harmonious 10 ^ 3.

Yet, the symphony of sensation that envelops us is not limited solely to the traditional sensory organs. It is conceivable that fluctuations emanate from the myriad fields that envelop us, intrinsically tied to the oscillations of molecular structures within the brain and endocrine glands. Fluctuations in the moon's electrostatic fields may also wield influence, giving rise to sensations of restlessness, anxiety, and impending doom.

Comprising sensory nerve cells strategically stationed within our sensory organs, these cells are linked by long neural filaments, converging into bundles that culminate in the spine, birthing the spinal cord, and ultimately ascending to the physical brain.

Physiological studies reveal a curious facet of these nerve cells: when left unstimulated, their output remains sporadic, punctuated by irregularly spaced electrical pulses or spikes.

However, when subjected to external stimuli—pressure or otherwise—their output transforms into a vibrant crescendo of closely spaced spikes, the tempo dictated by the stimulus's intensity.

This mode of operation characterizes our entire sensory system, be it the visual input from our eyes, the auditory sensations streaming through our ears, or the tactile impressions etched upon our skin. The culmination of these inputs yields a symphony of spikes that courses through neural pathways, culminating in specific regions of the brain.

Thus, our senses transmute the tapestry of our surroundings into the Morse code of existence—action and rest, 1 and 0.

Action materializes as neurons discharge their rhythmic spikes, while rest carry official messages to the cell's regeneration, waiting for the next sensory signal. From this binary dialect, the brain masterfully interprets and orchestrates—the form of a tree, its texture, color, and fragrance—all obtained from the rhythmic dance of 1s and 0s.

And in this rhythmic dance, we find a kindred resonance—a pendulum, if you will. It adheres to the principles of simple harmonic motion, tracing an elegant trajectory as it swings. I want to use the simple swing of a pendulum to bring a few mind-blowing things into awareness.

Intriguingly, by constraining the pendulum's freedom of movement between two parallel plates, we transform its circular path into a reciprocal motion, akin to a dance performed within a confined space. Yet, the pendulum's inherent rhythm remains unaltered. This celestial choreography extends to planets and electrons (as above, so below), underlining the unchanging connection between observer and observed—a testament to the role of subjectivity in the cosmic theater.

Within the microcosmic realms of nature, particles embody two distinct forms of motion: the graceful circular dance/ spin and the rhythmic reciprocation born of vibration, each anchored to relatively fixed points. As we ascend the hierarchical ladder from plankton to elephants to humans, we witness the ascendancy of reciprocation, a symphony of oscillations that reverberates through living structures, a testament to life's unique qualities.

In contemplating the fabric of existence, we find ourselves entangled within a grand symphony—an eternal dance of oscillations, a harmony of vibrations, and the mesmerizing movement of the pendulum.

It too is made up of on and off/ movement and stillness. As it approaches its point of rest it decelerates more and more. Eventually, it halts and starts moving in the opposite direction (just like the breath flows from the inhale to the exhale). The laws of classical mechanics tell us that at the point of rest, the exaltation of the body is at its maximum, and its potential energy is max. With its velocity at zero, the time required for changing the pendulum is zero. If we analyze the events taking place at the zero it is as if magic unfolds.

When we go quantum, the perspective will be radically different though. The pendulum will cover a smaller and smaller distance unit as it approaches its turning point. Quantum mechanics tells us that when distances go below plank distance (10^-33cm) we enter into a new world with new seeming rules and laws.

The informal relationship between events collapses. The movements become twitchy rather than polished. Time and space might become grainy or chunky. A pair of events would occur in random fluctuation of either time or space.

Suppose matter can un-collapse without needing any time to do so. This rings true then for the opposite as well. A chunk of space can expand without any time passing. By dividing that tiny piece of distance by zero time it results that the event occurred at infinite velocity.

In other words, when we move through space without using a time, no matter over how short a distance, that event occurs at approximately infinite velocity.

What does this mean for the pendulum (breath) “at rest”?

Can a physical object move faster than the velocity of light?

Allow me to refer to “Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty: in trying to measure 2 parameters of a particle, for example, its momentum and its position, we find that the more accurately we can measure its momentum, the less we can know about its position and vice versa. “

Momentum = mass x velocity.

This means we can solely measure 1 precisely of these quantities. If we know its exact momentum, then its position is unknowable, and if we know its exact position then its momentum is unknowable. This is the weird way that atomic size or smaller particles behave.

We know at the turning point pause, the pendulum’s velocity is zero, but the momentum (at low speeds at least) is equal to velocity multiplied by mass. Thus = 0

This means we know its momentum value very precisely. This means its position becomes diffuse and completely indefinite. So the pendulum can be any place. Even at the end of the universe. It also has very little time to get there because this whole event occurs in zero time. The pendulum has to disappear in all directions at infinite velocity. It will have to expand very rapidly into space like a balloon and then collapse just as rapidly.

Having done this, it picks up speed and goes back to its usual way of nature as if nothing has happened. No one would expect this when no one is looking. We can not rely on appearances. Do you remember in the previous article what happens if the zero-dimensional point falls in on itself or the sphere “bursts”?

The end of duality and the start of singularity. This means no existence and all existence at once, in no time and beyond/ before space.

This is like trying to capture a bird in flight, a mere sliver of time opportunity emerges, a fleeting window of a mere 0.01 seconds. Yet, this momentary grasp defies the availability of light required. This leads to just seeing a stroke of the bird's flight in the captured image.

Cessation demands a zenith in which metamorphosis itself rests. This moment of stasis hints at an enigmatic vanishing act, a vanishing into the fabric of the infinite, or perhaps, the almost infinite.

Speed unbounded within stillness assumes a peculiar complementarity.

In the chamber of room-temperature atoms vibrate at a cadence of approximately 10^15 Hertz. Thus, it is conceivable that our body is a cloud of vibrations, flickering in and out of existence at this rate too because we are made up of atoms.

Two worlds, distinct but conjoined, an invitation to contemplation: objective and subjective realities. The objective realm, an ethereal expanse, pulsates within the void, traversed by oscillating electromagnetic waves, ceaselessly navigating between duality. Each equilibrium arrives after a delicate dance of motion.

The subjective domain, conversely, merges from the process of sensory impressions. Our nervous system, the alchemist of perception, transmutes the objective into a Morse code of action and inaction, translating oscillations into sensory states. Or said differently, decodes the 1’s and 0’s into the interface reality we call world and experience.

A common thread binds these disparate realities: both crystallize into existence through the interplay between two tranquil states. In the absence of change, the tapestry of existence unravels, yielding perpetual inactivity, a realm deprived of perceptible substance. Doesn’t it make you ponder whether the palpable only emerges in the presence of motion? As stillness descends, the complex system of beliefs without investigation regarding matter dissolves, and the substantial crumbles into an elusive mist, vanishing into the ethers of oblivion.

Alexandra David Neil (the secret teachings in oral Buddhist sex) - “The tangible world is movement, say the masters, not a collection of moving objects but the movement itself. There are no objects in movement. It is the movements that constitute the objects which appear to us. They are nothing but movement. This movement is a continued and infinitely rapid succession of flashes of energy. In Tibetan sal or shug. All objects perceptible to our senses, all phenomena of whatever kind at whatever aspect they may assume are constituted by a rapid succession of instantaneous events. There are 2 theories and both consider the world as a movement. 1 states that the course of this movement, which creates phenomena is continuous as the flow of a quiet river seems to us. The 2nd declares that the movement is intermittent and it advances by separate flashes of energy which follow each other at such small intervals, that these intervals are almost non-existent.”

Thus, a question lingers, poised on the cliff of enigma: where does matter retreat when it periodically cloaks itself in obscurity? And as we, the ephemeral inhabitants of this fleeting realm, oscillate in and out of existence, where do we venture on the astral journey between presence and absence?

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