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What is the true purpose of yoga asana?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Your gift is to apply consciousness to the moment. It is the byproduct of the experience.

Yoga is NOT a practice to do so, you don't feel certain things or minimize certain thoughts or states.

  • It is to integrate the aliveness and flow (feminine) with the conscious existence (masculine).

  • Accepting what presents itself.

  • Curiously exploring what is alive in a moment.

"This person is an asshole!"

This is interesting, these perceived actions feel like they are being an asshole. Some old patterns and wounds coming to the surface.

It is only by staying present and curiously exploring that feeling, that you will be able to discern between patterns, wounds vs spontaneous feelings.

Everything is self perfected, self realized and self revealing.

It is easy to be quiet, but the willingness is rare.

It is important to orient the consciousness or you condemn yourself to identify with suffering down the rabbit hole.

STEP1 : Allowing the feeling. Fully feeling it in its pure raw form.

STEP2 : Communicate about what you are feeling (this can be internally or externally.)

STEP 3 : Orienting consciousness and showing how I feel. Allow your body to show it. (could be as subtle as a sigh)

Remember that what you are experiencing in that moment is exactly what you are meant to experience.

Don't prioritize expectations before experience.

If you are not fully digesting the experience, you run the risk of indigestion for all experiences to come. Even if you are experiencing hell. Digest it completely or it might appear that you are stuck in hell.

WOW! This is what I get to love now!

Are you willing to become still on your mat at home?

Join me for a deep dive into awareness through the vehicle of yoga.

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