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5 Steps to quantum rewiring: Mental enTRAINment

Have you ever gotten on a train of thought and felt like you wanted to get off but it seemed impossible?

Once energy is on a wave traveling it can not be controlled, only influenced. When you are riding that wave, you can't control that wave. Just like surfing. You either have to get off of the wave or you'll just keep going with it.

So this blog will explain to you how you get off of that train while it is still moving

because it doesn't stop at any stations, so if that is what you were waiting for, you will just be on that train forever.

So how do we train the mind to link to your highest and most coherent harmony?

By building awareness ARMOR. The abbreviation stands for:

1st - AWARE

We have to become aware of negative bias. Due to survival mechanisms, the mind clings to negativity. This is the suggested program because the brain is an organ that is in control of survival not thriving. If someone gives you 9 compliments and 1 criticism, chances are that you will remember the 1 criticism clearly and vaguely recall a compliment after a week. It can be intervened though.


Context does change the content. The problem can not be solved from the same structure that created the problem in the first place. So one has to go into the mechanics of the mind and go METTA instead of dealing with the content that arises there.


Rhythm entrainment teaches us that nature is always falling into the path of least resistance and most energy-efficient way. Thus mental entrainment follows these same laws. It is more economical in energy to have events (thoughts or feelings) that are close in frequency to happen in phase with each other. Mix that in with negative bias, habitual nature and viscosity of energy - it is easy to experience a mind that rides the wave of guilt, shame, lack, unworthiness, and sadness for years on end.

Entraining the mind on the gratitude wave is essential.

We have between 12 000 to 60 000 thoughts per day. 80% of them were negative and 95% exactly the same as the day before.

What are those same thoughts saying every day?


There are an infinite amount of ways we can pay attention. You have 4 different main types of attention and most people are not aware of this.

Narrow - focussed where everything else is left out or not taken into consideration, it almost disappears.

Objective - where you exclude yourself from that which you are observing.

Diffuse - opposite of narrow. So this includes paying attention to everything at once. More than one sense and are aware of many things at once. It is a relaxed state

Immersive - you are one with what you are observing. You make no distinction between that what you are and are observing.

You can use more than one form of attention at once.

Stress - redirects attention. Because most of the stress caused in your life is caused by how you pay attention. Mostly it is caused by a narrow objective attention.

Very important! Open focused state is not the exclusion of narrow focussed attention. It is okay to have narrow focus and distractions and stress, you welcome it all in. You allow your brain to have all at once. Mindfulness helps with this. True spiritual living is achieved through this. With an awakened understanding, resting awareness and opened focus everything comes together in unity.


Ages 1-7 we learn through mimicry. After that, the brain learns through repetition. Why? Because in order for the mind to optimize energy and make systems and things automatic, it looks for validity and consistency. When this is established - the program may enter into the subconscious, leaving more space in the conscious processing unit (CPU) and is deemed taken care of and automated. This is great for useful programs. But how many programs are in there from our past that are not useful?

New programs don't replace old programs. This is important to realize. So if you are hoping that positive affirmations cancel old patterns… hate to break it to you. Writing "I am worthy" everywhere in your house will not break the deep entrancement belief that you hold of being unworthy. But once you do open, resolve and clear that belief, inserting a useful belief is essential.

Feel free to practice open attention with me via mediation here:

Please share your thoughts and questions on this in the comments. It really helps to connect and for me to know if this type of content is what our community finds valuable.

It also supports me and others to make it more visible so others can benefit from these free offerings.

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