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How does yoga help you?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

My promise is to offer a safe space for people, so they can start to explore their intrinsic Truth.

Explore the stress and trauma so easily ignored. To not push it to the side and think it will disappear but to build the courage to face it and breathe through it.

Yoga is this process.

We put stress on the body and we learn to be aware of what stress is present. Then we try to breathe through it and build resilience.

The postures take us on a journey that teaches us so many things. One is that you are not stuck in a situation forever. Your mind might go back to the same situation if it feels it is not solved, in the same way you can think about a pose you want to be able to do or a pose your body can not lead you in. The fact is, however, that you are not always in that position. The position ends much quicker than the ability of the mind to comprehend the lesson.

Yoga teaches us to accept what is. If we don't and we try to force something, we immediately learn the pain that comes with it.

We have this one precious body (home) and this one precious life to live to the fullest. Yoga is not just on the mat.

Yoga is not just in the body.

The lessons and teachings are all around you and also in all aspects of you. Body, mind and spirit. This reflection is a truth that can be accessed any time. Without any interference. By inviting your undivided attention to perceiving and allowing your observation to become aware of the truth of what you are. Physically, emotionally, psychological and spiritual.

The results and residue of the practice can however be witnessed throughout your life.

On your mat you might notice how to honor your limits by choosing the variation that works for you and not forcing the deeper variation your ego longs for. But off the mat it might be walking away from the job that pays well, but drains your energy. Both take courage, trust and curiosity.

We are not our separate parts but all these parts as a whole. And it is up to us to realign ourselves and relearn how to love ourselves in the realization that we are already full and complete.

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